if you really believe in god your going to believe in heaven and hell, therefore your going to want to go to heaven, therefore you're going to want to try to keep all his commandments so you can get to heaven meaning that your not going to use his name in vain. so if you say you believe in god you shouldnt use his name in vain, amirite?

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As a Christian you shouldn't use God's name in vain. However keeping His commandments doesn't get you to heaven, loving him, and accepting He is God gets you there.

i no wayed this because i'm atheist. and look:



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if all you have to do is accept that he's god and love him then why would the bible say, "love god and keep his commandments for this is mans all" or why would we have the ten commandments or why would he tell us to do anything? thats what the bible is for, to teach us how we can serve him

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Have fun wasting your lives living in fear. And next time you accomplish something, don't be proud of yourself or YOULL GO TO HELL!

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