Who the fuck is Waldo hiding from! amirite?

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Chuck Norris, duh.

@guci And why is that?

(guci):You see, waldo was walkin' around in his usual outfit, white and red striped shirt, big fat red pompom hat, you know the one. So anyway, waldo's really upset cause his girlfriend, Wilma, dumped him after seeing a Chuck Norris Movie. After seeing him is in action, Wilma decided to pursue Norris instead of our boy Waldo. So anyway, Waldo's real angry, goes into a bar and gets extremely drunk. He's talking to the bartender, babbling about how stupid Norris is and how he is such a bad actor and all the sudden he says "you know, he's not that good of a fighter either, I bet I could beat him in a match." The bartender says "you sure you wanna place that bet?" and Waldo says "absolutely." so The bartender calls his wife who is a has-been producer. She calls up a couple of her go-to friends and they tell Norris about Waldo. Chuck, of course says "no," but by now the people wanna see blood so they tell Chuck that Waldo bad mouthed his new gf, Wilma. now Norris gets angry.

@guci wow ok

So he's coming after Waldo. and waldo is getting up cause its the next day and he has a hangover. He's walking down the street hoping to get some coffee to soothe his headache. Suddenly waldo realizes everyone on the streets is giving him The Pity Stare. Being waldo, he goes straight to the nearest Pity Starer and asks what's going on. The Pity Starer tells Waldo that Norris is coming after him. Waldo freaks out and hops into the nearest dumpster to hide. Meanwhile, Wilma just found out that waldo is going to fight Chuck, thinks that it's in her honor and dumps Norris to look for Waldo and get back together. Now Norris is really pissed off. When he gets to Waldo's house he can't find him. Norris looks everywhere but can't find him. So he quits as an actor and becomes a Waldo-hunter which is kinda like a vampire hunter. Waldo, who is still in the dumpster is found by Wilma, there, they do naughty things to each other. Afterward Wilma tells Waldo about Norris.

@alittleannoyed So he's coming after Waldo. and waldo is getting up cause its the next day and he has a hangover. He's walking down...

Together they go all around the world hiding from Chuck Norris. Two books later Wilma dumps Waldo because Waldo doesn't know how to commit. Then Norris, who doesn't know how to let go of a grudge, is still hunting him. Forever. The end.

Lol so true :)

That was amazing.

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