On the sims, you have created surplus characters with the intention of murdering them so you can create an authentic graveyard, amirite?

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i also make a hot guy, get my girl to marry him, get him a job, and while he is at work i make another hot guy and then i make the girl woohoo with him, LOL

Paha gotta love a bit of adultery with my murder :L :L wow. The sims can be quite an evil game!

Wow, so many Sims posts today! I love it!
But, no, I must say that I've never done this

cool, another thing to add to my bucket list...

Okay, I REALLY need this game.

And sometimes I'll kill off a cute guy, then move a girl into the household, and make them woohoo so I can have a ghost child. :) NOTE: you can only do this in Sims 3. I also make them woohoo with the Grim Reaper when he comes to take a sim's soul. You can only do this when he touches his feet to the ground after he finishes the job. But sometimes he disappears right away. And you can have him move into your household so you can control him. :)

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I've also made a bunch of kids and one parent, then gotten the kids taken away so they'll come up for adoption...

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