When. People. Put. Periods. After. Every. Word. To. Be. Dramatic... You. Want. To. Stab. Them. In. The. Throat. amirite?

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No matter how hard I tried I couldn't read that post quickly, the voice in my head only reads it in "slow dramatic" mode. Roflcopters.

Or When They Capitalise Every Single Word Except Words Where It's Actually Necessary , Such As california And i .

Yeah! like on mlia when someone says, like, "Best. Teacher. Ever." It drives me INSANE! nice post

I said you want. Not you DO. lol

I actually want to grab their heads and smash them through cinder blocks, but I'll settle for stabbing.

haha thanks man. and yes, bananas do smell bad. :)

Well.. i was making a point but if you find where i live. feel free to stab me in the throat ;)

repeatedly! Once for each period

If it's in moderation, then it's fine. But overuse, such as on MLIA, etc., can get annoying.

Man, for me it comes across as extremely passive-aggressive as well as annoying enough to want to shake the life out of perpetrators. Stabbing’s too bloody.

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Does that mean that by posting this, completely aware of this effect that this type of typing has on ppl, you want to get stabbed in the throat?

Ugh I wanna sab your throat!!!!!!!!

I could not read this at a normal pace, please, for the sanity of myself and others do NOT type in that fashion.

Haha i like that Bossman. I was also think about the Dark Knight. Remember the "Magic Trick" the Joker performed. :D

Needed that explanation as to why people do it. I'll settle for stabbing too. Nicely put.

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Well. you should have said. "Punch. You. In. The. Face." not stab in the throat, murderer!!!

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