So uhh...rapes good, amirite?

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You're the 14 year old, who obviously has no real-world experience outside the world of mommy and daddy. That's all I'm going to say about it. Gain some experience in the real world and we'll see what happens then.

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Hahahahahaha I didn't feel any beating in the face. Nor did you present ANY facts. I'm not complaining; just trying to figure out your side of the argument. And, please learn some grammar.

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You're honestly not making much sense at this point. You said YOU slapped me in the face with facts, or some such nonsense, and I'm just wondering what those facts are.

.. You have issues. I understand that you're joking, but joking about rape is NOT funny. Especially to those who have been raped, asshole.

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Pardon me? You don't even know me. How dare you judge me based on NOTHING. 1 in 3 women are raped, so the likelihood I was is pretty high statistically. Where did you get the "little girl" thing from? Because I'm very much not so.

Your stupidity and ignorance astounds me, and I have nothing further to say.

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