Every single person who enters a soccer stadium for the World Cup (including teams, photographers, etc) should donate just one dollar to poor people living in Africa, it will make a big difference, amirite?

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I think each person should be forced to give up those annoying horns before they enter the stadium

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If they were forced to give money then it wouldn't be a donation.

Perhaps, but that's like saying, "Hey! You spent a ton of money on these seats! One more dollar won't hurt!" Umm...yeah. It kind of does.

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Oh and by the way, Africa is a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY. I get really sick of people treating Africa like it's one massive country. Yes, there are a lot of people suffering in that part of the world, but there is also a lot of progress. Why do you think South Africa is hosting? To show the world how far their country has come, not to get "donations" from the people that attend the matches. Sheesh.

Not that I'm saying it's a bad idea but I'm from South Africa and if I had to give a dollar that would be R7.00 (south African rand) so that won't be fare.

It's a good idea, but sadly, it won't work. That money just goes to buy weapons and fight in civil wars or greedy governments or other bad things. A trillion of dollars have probably been donated to starving people in Africa, but the majority of people still suffer from starvation, diseases, and poverty. It's a very sad thought. :(

Like previously said.. They are a lot of countries in Africa and isnt just one big country. You have no idea how good it is for the continent because South Africa are hosting. Oh.. And South Africa is a country..its doesnt mean 'southern africa'. So many tourists here at the moment dont realise that.

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It should be R10 or R20 because we don't use dollars here dumbass.

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Good intentions, but not true. There were 3.36 million people who attended the 2006 World Cup and assuming there's the same amount in South Africa (which is generous because it's likely to be less) it really doesn't affect the one billion people living in Africa. Each person would get less than a third of a cent. Sorry.

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Why should Americans have to pay for Africa's problems? I work hard for MY money which I won't give to Africans because they have done nothing to help me.

If they mowed my lawn and cleaned my house...

Actually no, there are a lot of poor people going to the World Cup. For example, Make-A-Wish Foundation granted my friend Tommy (who is a 14-year-old with cystic fibrosis) his wish to go there. He's there for free. Why should he have to pay? Why should anyone have to pay?

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