"The beginning didn't grab my attention," is just an excuse to not read a book that you didn't feel like reading in the first place. No book starts action packed and exciting right on the first page, amirite?

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There are some books with horribly long, drawn out, boring beginnings.

Max Ride does, and most of the Alex Rider books do

When I'm at the library, I'll often read a few pages of a book I'm interested in. If it doesn't keep me interested (a feat since I have ADD/ADHD), I'll put it back.

Then again, sometimes I'll just pick a book because I like its cover. What do I know?

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The Lovely Bones doesn't start out boring...

@AnnDeeva The Lovely Bones doesn't start out boring...

I didn't like it at all. It got confusing and the book just skipped around everywhere. The ending was a little confusing, too. I like the movie better, but that's not saying much.

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with me I can read almost any book but sometimes it takes me a while. the book could have a boring begginning but if i'm in the mood to read it then i'll push through. but sometimes it takes a few tries before i can. like waiting for sarah starts out with the car crash that lost the main character his legs and i didn't finish it till the fourth try.

There are a lot of books that start out making you wonder what's going on though. There is a such thing as a beginning that doesn't catch interest. The point I'm making here is, people are lazy, and that may never change. Until then, we'll have to adapt if we want them to read our writing.

A book doesn't have to be action packed on the first pg to make u want to read it. Some books are so descriptive, start off with interesting dialogue, have an intriguing setting, are funny, etc. For some reason, I read the first sentence of The Kite Runner and knew I was going to love it. So, yes, a book having a boring beginning is a valid excuse not to read it, though it might not be a smart excuse. I'm not even sure I would call it an excuse because that has a bad connotation. I might call a boring beginning a valid "reason" not to read a book.

Andy McNabb books have some of the most action in the prologues.

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