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bp SUCKS. and i live in louisiana.. and i cant live without muh seafood.

That just made me fear for my life.

Whoops that's mine. I forgot to log in. Sorry ;)

Either ur very high or very creative to come up with this but still... u r right

who the heck voted no way

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@who the heck voted no way

You know, That dude... ;)

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:O how?!?! You just made me doubt humanity! WHYYYYY

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You have too much free time.

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@ the ppl who sed no way: how the hell could you possibly say that wudnt suck

thats a steven colbert joke

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wow that was quite elaborate

Holy shit, knock on wood.

i miss my seafood too and the weather service doesnt know sure we will still have some hurricane this year to create more of a disaster in louisiana

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I live in California. We have to worry about this stuff all of the time. Earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, floods, tropical storms, tsunamis, the list goes on and on. Once there was a tornado in my county.

I think that IF THERE IS a 2012 this how it would happen o.O

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The National Weather Service has actually said that the oil spill will most likely cause a decrease in hurricanes making land fall in the Gulf of Mexico area, so the chances of that happening are slim.

This guy took it mainly from XKCD.

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you didn't spent a lot of time thinking this all

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