It would be awful if there was an oily hurricane that hit a electric pole and caught on fire and then threw burning bits everywhere causing fires that couldn't be put out because of the oil water that caused charred cadavers to contaminate the water supply, causing a pandemic that spread across the globe that caused a war between nations that would send missiles that would explode more oil rigs... amirite?

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bp SUCKS. and i live in louisiana.. and i cant live without muh seafood.

That just made me fear for my life.

Whoops that's mine. I forgot to log in. Sorry ;)

Either ur very high or very creative to come up with this but still... u r right

who the heck voted no way

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@who the heck voted no way

You know, That dude... ;)

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:O how?!?! You just made me doubt humanity! WHYYYYY

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You have too much free time.

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@ the ppl who sed no way: how the hell could you possibly say that wudnt suck

thats a steven colbert joke

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wow that was quite elaborate

Holy shit, knock on wood.

i miss my seafood too and the weather service doesnt know shit..im sure we will still have some hurricane this year to create more of a disaster in louisiana

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I live in California. We have to worry about this stuff all of the time. Earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, floods, tropical storms, tsunamis, the list goes on and on. Once there was a tornado in my county.

I think that IF THERE IS a 2012 this how it would happen o.O

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The National Weather Service has actually said that the oil spill will most likely cause a decrease in hurricanes making land fall in the Gulf of Mexico area, so the chances of that happening are slim.

This guy took it mainly from XKCD.


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you didn't spent a lot of time thinking this up...at all

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