Jesus is like a spoiled rich kid. If you don't do what he says then his dad is gonna make your life hell, amirite?

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God doesn't send people/make their lives hell. Many blame their problems as God's doing. He isn't to blame. There IS a little thing called SATAN who creates pain and suffering. It is just easier to blame God.

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@yea... i agree. that was a bad comparison...

its funny, its not supposed to be taken literally and thought about in depth

eh, make ur life hell, send you to hell. either way >.<

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Dude, I love you. We have a bromance. I wouldn't make you life hell.

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that would be true, if jesus existed.

@cremep0ps that would be true, if jesus existed.

Jesus existed. That is historical fact.

The only thing in question is whether he was the son of god or a prophet or just some guy.

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