It is weird how black people can call other black people the "n" word (stupid word censors), but if a white person calls a black person a the "n" word, they get a death threat. Isn't that a type of racism? If you don't want us whites doing it, you shouldn't be doing it yourself. It's no different coming from me than it is coming from you, amirite?

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First, not all blacks use the N word. Whether or not to use to word is actually a very controversial and heated topic among the black community. Second, I agree with you that using the word ourselves seems to give whites reason to use it too- though I'd have to question the motives of both races. Why do you (general you, not you specifically) want to use that word? What significance does it hold to you? Third, with the history and pain surrounding the N word a white person using it is often seen as slap in the face to black people (It is to me). Some blacks think that using the N word amonst the black community (only) is way to take the negative power (that whites created and reinforced) out of the word. If a black person uses the N word with pride, than a white person can't use it to put down the black race. Like I said it's a controversial topic.

In many situations it is different coming from a white person than from a black person. There's too much history there.

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o.o What does race have to do with anything? Not like I enslaved any black people. o.o

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How? sits and waits for reasonable explanation

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