It's great when you rediscover a great song (that you overplayed, got bored of and subsequently didn't play for ages) from years ago, amirite?

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Recently for me: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

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Recently: This Love by Pantera
And because of this topic it's gonna be C.O.M.A. by Violent Work of Art

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doing this at mo. I took off so many songs as i was getting stressed listening to them so often. in a couple of weeks they might go back on my mp3

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i've just started this like, there was viva la vida, about 2 years ago, it never got old but now that i listen to it again, i love it more, same as.... some linkin park and MCR even sound better now, but they were never bad..

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Some good bands there. Listening to LP at the moment.

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I recently rediscovered Hinder's music. I remember a few years ago they were huge and all their stuff that was played on the radio got really overplayed, so I stopped listening to them all together. But like I said, I recently rediscovered them and it's great.

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i've had a fair amount of songs that this has happened to me for. it happens so often i have to rearrange my mp3 every month

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that happened to me like yesterday with shut up and drive by Rihanna.

A lot of times, when I listen to songs I haven't listened to in a while, it brings back memories of when I first heard it. Its happening now :P (but I kinda don't wanna say what the song is lol)

Bunch of video game bgm.

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It is awesome

i miss you by blink 182
who's david by busted
thank you by Jamelia
shut up and drive by rihanna


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