Anti-Depressant commercials are always depressing, amirite?

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This medicine will help with your depression or it will make it worse and make yourself suicidle but in the mean time play with your dogs and children in slow motion

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yea, although I think it's funny that some of the side effects of these antidepressants are depression and thoughts of suicide, cuz isn't the whole point of antidepressants to get rid of these symptoms?

@Sorbus I always think that too. Why bother if the anti-depressants will make you suicidal?

Well, you were probably suicidal in the first place right? And yeah, they're sad. But then they start smiling and playing with the children/dogs on slowmotion.

Every time I see those children and pets being ignored, it makes me depressed. The irony...

That's called good marketing. :P

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