The worst thing in the world would be to wake up one morning and find out you have AIDS and cancer, and then being thrown into a Nazi death camp where you are forced to do hard labor for several long hours followed by being thrown into a pit of hungry dogs who eat you almost to death and being dragged out alive where you are quartered and left to die in the sun of AIDS/cancer, amirite?

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That happened to me last week.
Not very pleasant.

No, the worst thing in the world would be to wake up and find out that you're going to be in a situation like in the Saw movies for the rest of your life but you'll never die.

there is nothing thats worse than this. you win.

One of the worst things in the world but not THE WORST, but it depends on the person.

Istill think it would be worse to be killed by a power sander, starting at the feet and sanding it's way up. It would just keep slowly tearing away your skin but, the friction would make heat which would cauterize the wounds and prevent blood loss. You'd die once the sander starts getting to major organs.

Maybe you could work that in there?

Shit, you are one creative fellow.

Don't forget being dunked in acid right before dying.

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no itd be worse if you never died and just lived for a long time in pain

Alotta thought was put into this aye?

You're awesome, Max XD

yeah i know, i hate when that happens to me

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I said no because what would be worse is having to watch this happen to someone you love, amirite?

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this is just a creepy post to think about........................eh....

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umm..yes, yes this probably would be the worst thing in the world wonders what is going on in OPs head

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Yeah, that would suck

man you owned us all there!!!!

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You forgot to get impaled...

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This guy is spying on me! He knows my Monday morning routine!

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No that would just be the best day ever.

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There's some people in the world who i wish this would happen to...

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