Double Stuf Oreo Cakesters are one of the best inventions ever, amirite?

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i thought they'd be good but i really didn't care for them

@NO3exclamationpoints i thought they were gross

(NO!!!): Ah! My tastebuds must be broken. My mother has been trying to tell me that for years. =]

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No, I'm partial to the wheel, myself.

i havent had them but don't like the regular double stuffed oreos. the cookie to creme ratio is off.can't tolerate it

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Too much frosting in the middle. Besides, I'm partial to electricity.

don't care for em'. i'd much rather perfer just regular oreos and a nice glass of milk :)

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I'm partial to canoes.

when i voted yeah you are the count went down to 69, yes!

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They make you fat as s** though. But yummy, amirite? sarcasm*

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