I don't understand anime at all. Anime is a product of Japan and the characters have these big eyes which is atypical of a Japanese person, amirite?

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Japanese artists felt that the best way to express emotion was through the eyes, therefore to accurately convey these emotions they drew their characters with.... you guessed it: big eyes.

Anime eyes are portrayed as the windows to the soul, which is why they made them bigger.
The weird color hair is purely a fantasy element. Like you've never played an American game, or seen an american cartoon with protagonists with different colored hair? World of Warcraft, for example?

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It's typical of what the Japanese consider beautiful, though...if you look at Asian celebs who get plastic surgery a lot of the time they'll get it to make their eyes bigger or change their single lid to a double (white people) lid. Same with their skin, no Japanese person is that white but they spend a lot of money on lotion to try and get there.

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inb4 complaint about this being racist

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It's kind of American media idealizes thin people, while the majority is obese.

It's the hair that bugs me, it's like wtf, this person is supposed to be Japanese but they have blond/curly/red hair.

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