It sucks that some guy tried blowing up a plane with a bomb in his underwear. Before that, a guy exploding in his pants wasn't a dangerous thing, amirite?

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For me, exploding in my pants is pretty dangerous

Dwights avatar Dwight Yeah You Are +35Reply

This has to be one of the least commented POTD's of all time.

And I jizz. In. My pants.

Totobeans avatar Totobean Yeah You Are +16Reply
@Totobean And I jizz. In. My pants.

It's your fault cuz you were touchin my butt. If you tell your friends I'll call you a slut (I hope I got it right)

Sqwanchos avatar Sqwancho Yeah You Are -1Reply

Maybe he just wanted a little lovin' in the junkular area. I bet the TSA was pretty rough though. Just how I like it.

JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are +8Reply

I just exploded in my pants... hehe. ;)


Batmans avatar Batman Yeah You Are 0Reply

Unless it's exploding diarrhea...

Anonymous 0Reply

Wow, this is an old post...but still funny

I have a bomb in my pants..

if potd's are supposed to show what amirites all about, nobody would stick around with posts like these.

Not dangerous, just disappointing.

Mike_Hawks avatar Mike_Hawk Yeah You Are -8Reply

dammit you beat me to it lol

th3dons avatar th3don Yeah You Are -10Reply
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