athiests r dum, amirite?

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Only if you're an atheist.

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It's funny because you misspelled every word.

@Bruce_Lee It's funny because you misspelled every word.

i was going to say that. >.>
so, since you already said it, all i can do is agree with you.
and feel bad for the people who agreed with this post because they think just because someone is an Atheist that they are dumb.

atheists are *dumb and you are a retard.

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you shudnt say that..would you be offended if someone said your religion was dum?

i was gonna say what both you said but i didnt wanna be a grammer snob. but still i hate this religious debate. i like the way i think of life and i hate when snobby bible pushers try to change it cuz they are too dumb to see any other way.

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Wow. This is actually pathetic.

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