Watching a movie for the first time gives you a thrill, not knowing what's gonna happen next. That's what makes a movie so amazing, but it sucks knowing you can't experience that feeling again watching the movie another time, because you know exactly what will happen, amirite?

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I feel the same about books

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@Superhippo I feel the same about books

According to my english teacher, shakespeare is the exception to this universal code.

noooo, you can wait a long time and watch it then

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@noooo, you can wait a long time and watch it then

I can watch a movie I haven't seen in years and still feel like I watched it just the other day.

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Man 1: "That's the bright side of having Alzheimer's"
Man 2: "That's a good point"
Man 1: "What's a good point?"

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That is debatable. Sometimes, it is fun rewatching a movie after you have just seen it because you pick out the minor details you missed the first time. Then, sometimes, things make even more sense.

Fight Club is definitely one of those movies that just isn't the same after the first time. It's still amazing, but well, the ending is sort of huge d:

Lucky bastards with short term memory loss.

I have this problem too, but it's with my own material. When I sit down and write, I want to be just as surprised at each scene as everyone else -___-
This leads to a lot of stream of consciousness writing which led to really good ideas :)

I think it kinda depends on the type of movie. You can laugh at a comedy more than once, but if you're watching a suspenseful movie you'll already know who lives or dies. It takes away some of the thrill.

It was pretty fun watching Jackass 3 again. The last time I watched it was in theaters.

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Same with books and songs

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