I think it's weird how they made a spongebob episode about spongebob becoming a lifeguard at a beach where he's protecting peoples lives from drowning. How can they drown when they're already underwater and even weirder is at the end of the episode spongebob and patrick say they cant swim.. O____o, amirite?

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That's the whole joke.

Its not water its goo.

Because it's spongebob. Nothing makes sense on that show but it's still awesome

Sponges can't talk either.

The whole point of the episode is for spongebob to think he's all big and bad because he's a lifeguard, but then in the episode he says "if I knew that being a lifeguard meant guarding peoples lives I would've never of done it" lol so he didn't even know that to be a lifeguard he needed to swim!

He lives in a fucking pineapple...but that's where you were like "pshh ok..."

At first I read that as, "How can they drown when they're already in underwear"

Of all things, THAT'S what you find
odd about the show?

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Because he had ice cream on his nose, right?

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