Atheism: "I don't believe this shit" Amish: "Modern shit is useless" Lawyers: "For enough money, I can get you out of this shit" Hip-Hop: "Motherfuck this shiznit, beeatch" Optimism: "This shit won't happen to me!" Vegetarianism: "If it happens to shit, don't eat it!" SHIT HAPPENS, amirite?

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Pessimist: The shit won't stop hitting the fan.

anime_serenas avatar anime_serena Yeah You Are +4Reply

"shit" seems to be the most versatile of all words..... think about it........

This is from a wall poster

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You just butchered the joke

Anonymous +1Reply

Fuck atheists

Anonymous 0Reply

I have that poster...

Anonymous 0Reply

Lol I'm an atheist and this was hilarious

Emperorerrors avatar Emperorerror Yeah You Are 0Reply
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