The Black Panthers are just as bad as the KKK, amirite?

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Their real name is the Blank Panther Party for Self-Defense (biased news stations didn't use the full name in the sixties for fear that they would gain sympathy). They didn't go around lynching people and burning crosses on their lawns, nor did they go against Jews, communists, etc, like the KKK started in the 20s. If they did, and I am not aware, they were probably extremists of that group. One of the main things they wanted was an end to police brutality of blacks and education for young blacks. They also used the Constitution to back up many of their endeavors.

I studied this in AP U.S. History, and never once did my teacher allude to the fact that they were as bad as the KKK(though she did compare them to the more peaceful demonstrators like MLK). I'm not saying they were a group of saintsfar from that probablyand I don't know about the new Black Panthers and what they are up to today, but here were the beliefs of the original as shown through their 10 point system:


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They are basically the black version of the KKK

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@Pedo_Cat They are basically the black version of the KKK

Aren't all black people the black version of the kkk?
And boom goes the dynamite.

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Not quite as bad but very close (at least the new Black Panther party). The old black panther party was nothing like the new. But neither are quite as bad because they don't have a history of violence like the KKK.but the New Black Panthers are extremely racist that's for sure.

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I'm a retard...what's the Black Panthers?

This amirite is so ignorant my eyes got watery

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