Atheists are hypocrites, the belief of not having a religion in itself has become a cult, amirite?

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I'm an atheist; its not like we're trying to push atheism on others, and we're not trying to be individualistic either (the people who are true atheists anyway.) I respect everything that religion has given society; the world would be a catastrophic wreck without it, but I just can't make myself believe in a higher power. We aren't trying to be nonconformists, it just happens. So what if more and more people begin to study philosophy and switch their beliefs? Our ultimate goal isn't to be a religion of sorts.

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How would you know about the lives of atheist people unless you were one?

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Looks like you just generalized about atheists again you fucking idiot. You're the hypocrite.

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@Pedo_Cat K Mr. Anon. Remind me again how I'm a hypocrite?

By bitching about atheists generalizing you and then generalizing them.

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@By bitching about atheists generalizing you and then generalizing them.

I was never bitching about atheists generalizing me, i was just generalizing them straight up :D

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