when u hear a song on the radio u sing along but when u hear the same song on ur ipod u skip it cuz let's face it hearing songs on the radio is more exciting then when there on ur ipod, amirite?

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I don't know why, but i NEVER listen to mainstreem music on my Ipod, but I'll listen to anything on the radio

whenever perfect comes on the radio i sing but on my ipod.......SKIP

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k. well im creeping all your posts and in all of them you have "u" instead of "you" so please write the correct spelling cause its reallly making me mad. people on this site get mad when your spelling is like texting. so just stop with putting "u" kthanks. PS and you seem like the type of girl thats probably 14, really loud, is obsessed with some stupid band like i donno...Allstar Weekend, and probably is trying to memorize all their songs. i donno. just please stop with the sloppy spelling. thanks.

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oh and u probably like the stupid show glee, or sonny with a choice or whatever the heck its called. if u havnt guessed it, im really good at reading people by their posts.

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