if you like playing XBOX war games, why dont you just go join the army and fight in the war? amirite?

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That's just like saying "If people like Grand Theft Auto so much, why don't they just go out, beat up a bunch of hoes, a steal a car?"

i like living ?

@rival i like living ?

this post had me LMFAO. true.

I like playing sims, but I'm not saying I'm God. I like playing need for speed, I can't race a car. Call of Duty is cool but I won't be joining the army.

People who make ignorant posts should go join the army and fight in the war >.>

you have no idea. My husband is in the army, and there are soooo many people who are ridiculous. It's the ones that want to serve that can't and the ones who don't care who can.

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Uh... I think killing a computer-controlled sprite and an actually person aren't even in the same realm of thought. Just sayin'.

That's horrible.

My Daddy's in the army and he's in Iraq. He has nightmares and has almost gotten killed more than once. No war simulation game could even compare to the real thing.

I think I agree with this, mostly because I know some kids who seem to think that "war is cool" and it's fun to blow things up, but they have absolutely no idea how awful it is. Just because they play the video game, doesn't mean that they have the slightest idea- which is what I thought this post was saying.

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@I think I agree with this, mostly because I know some kids who seem to think that "war is cool" and it's fun to...

exactly what i was trying to say when i posted this. im not trying to affend people who were in the war, i admire them , but people who love COD and war and thinks its cool killing people, need to get some sense and realize it isnt a game for everyone.

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The only reason I'm agreeing with this is because a lot of people who play XBOX war games are the same people who say "Go play a real guitar!" When they see RB/GH.

Otherwise I don't see why we all can't just get along and deal with the fact that their just video games. They aren't belittling war or music, just putting them in game format, for fun :)

..this world would be so fucked if those same guys that rot in front of a tv all day would have to actually fight for this country

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