You feel pretty accomplished when you discover a relatively unknown band online, amirite?

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Makes me feel hipster-ish. Until I realize that "relatively unknown" isn't "totally underground"

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I used to be super trendy with my music, but now I'm all about unknown bands. It confuses people when half my iPod is top 40 and half is unknown haha

Tigers on Trains, K. Flay, Pacifc Hurt and Right Away, Great Capitain! :D

Chameleon Circuit, All Caps, and Ministrt of Magic. I listen to nerd music. :)

@MagicalMuggle Chameleon Circuit, All Caps, and Ministrt of Magic. I listen to nerd music. :)

Yes! Chameleon Circuit!
Although, because Charlie is no. 1 most subscribed, they are kinda well known now. v.v

Avi buffalo is awesome

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If anybody feels like sharing some awesome band's you've discovered, be my guest to post them here :)

Mine are Psyche Corporation and Kerli.

And then it gets really sad when they start to get big :/

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Not really a band, but artists:

Kuniva and Mr Scruff :D

South Jordan. THe Kitchen Sink Fiasco. Both are great bands!

I don't even feel accomplished anymore because it happens so often. :/ Seriously, there are only a couple of songs on my iPod that my friends recognize the artists of.

And since everyone else seems to be naming some of the bands they've found: Wintersleep, Oh Land, God is an Astronaut, Skrillex.

Allison Weiss, An Horse and I Heart Hiroshima.

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