One PAY DAY, MR. GOODBAR wanted a BIT-O-HONEY so he took Mrs. HERSHEY'S downtown to the corner of Main and 5TH AVENUE. He began to feel her MOUNDS with his BUTTERFINGER that was pure ALMOND JOY. It made her TOOTSIE ROLL and he let out a SNICKERS and she screamed OH HENRY: you are even better than the 3 MUSKETEERS! Soon she became CHUNKY and 9 months later, BABY RUTH was born, amirite?

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The second time i read this it turned me on.

Then BABY RUTH won the lottery and got 100 GRAND.

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@Then BABY RUTH won the lottery and got 100 GRAND.

Baby Ruth played the WATCHAMACALLIT lottery and won 100 GRAND.

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We don't have barely any of that where I'm from, so it took me ages to get. Haha.

Would have been better without capitalizing all the candies.

this is so old

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OP didn't make this us up, I saw this like 12 years ago

Too funny.

This wasn't funny when I heard it first in third grade. Now I'm in college and it's still stupid.

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Its stupid xD

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Bit-O-Honey tastes like shit.

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@Bit-O-Honey tastes like shit.

Same with almond joy

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you sir are a genious

@Pleasedonttellme you sir are a genious

you sir are definitely not a GENIUS.

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