I wish I could travel back in time to see epic bands play live such as Queen, the Beatles, the Who, Led Zepplin etc. amirite?

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Woodstock 69 <3

Spelled Zeppelin wrong but sure...

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@Spelled Zeppelin wrong but sure...

Yeah sorry about that, I did not realize it until after I posted it. I should check things more carefully from now on.

I LOVE THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS POST! we should all build a time machine. i call we go to a Led Zep concert first. AND MEET ROBERT PLANT!!!

Along with some AC/DC, Aerosmith and Motley Crue ♥

Nirvana and the Doors!

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I'd look forward to Pink Floyd above anything else mentioned so far.

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The Doors, billy squier, ACDC, joan jett and the blackhearts way back.. Epic.

The Who is amazing. I would love to go back and see Keith Moon drum back before he passed away.

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I'm still going with the Beatles and ACDC.

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i feel ya. woodstock happened way too soon.

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Yeah, I'm only 16 so I never got to experience these bands live but i am in love with their music, although i will be attending a Ringo Starr concert in august, so I cannot wait!

@yadreamin251 yea, im 15 and keep thnkin to myself "i dnt belong in this decade" :P

I'm fifteen too & I'd like to nice long dump on mainstream music.


@yadreamin251 yea, im 15 and keep thnkin to myself "i dnt belong in this decade" :P

heck yes, im 15 too. i was born in the wrong decade. me and my friends discussed that we'd want to be born in 1955 to expierience al the good music

The Rolling Stones, 1972 STP Tour. Not to mention all of the old bluesmen. Sometimes it just sucks to be a kid.

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LRB, Four Seasons, Kansas, Billy Joel.
Actually, I saw LRB in concert last year.

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and Michael Jackson. Don't forget about him. Something else that would help would be if we took the drugs away from Heath Ledger, MJ, and others, and shot the guys who shot the Kennedys, John Lennon, and others.

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