It's pretty cool that in 10 years, the average middle-class family will probably be living like the Jetsons, and when you get old you'll be telling your grandkids that you didn't have hovercars when you were their age, amirite?

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well we said that 10 years ago, didn't we? i think that in 10 years only the wealthiest people will still have those things.

@CheeseIsCool yeah but 10 years ago we didn't have 3D tv's or iPod touches or laptops as thin as paper :/

so? i'm not saying we won't come a long way in 10 years or that we won't have ANY of those Jetson-like electronics. i'm saying that we've waited for hover boards for a long time and every time we think "ok in 10 years we'll get them" 10 years later "uhh... maybe another 10"

@CheeseIsCool well I hope we get some hover cars by the time I have freaking grandkids xD

yeah seriously! i would love that! that's more likely that there will be hover cars by the time we're grandparents than 10 years from now

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