Some people say "Sorry," too much, amirite?

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I'm sorry.

@NO3exclamationpoints I'm sorry.

(NO!!!): daymnn... i was just going to say that-.- x

Im one of those people , lol. Like, someone bumps into ME and i say sorry. Its reaction, I guess.

I'm sorry, I do that. Sorry for doing it. Honestly, I am.
I am.
Sorry, I mean.
I'm sorry.

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Gosh, sorry! I don't mean to say it so much... I'm just... I'm sorry, okay?

Sorry do I really do that? So sorry. Really I didn't know. Sorry.

Sorry, but you're wrong.

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I think I'm guilty... sorry!

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Made me think of
"The Apologizer"

There's this girl that says sorry for everything, she's super nice though but everyone is always like "Stop saying sorry!!"

That'd be me. :P People point it out and then I apologize for it, and so it continues... :P

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sorry, but your just wrong i will never feel sorry for saying sorry because guilt makes me feel sorrowful, that's why i say sorry so that my conscience is clear and i don't need to feel sorrowful anymore.

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