dont tell me im to young for love, juliet was fourteen. amirite?

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Not a good example.

romeo and juliet weren't in love, they thought they were. usually to fall in love with someone you have to know them for a while. R+J knew eachother for what, a whole week! wow

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Romeo and Juliet weren't really in love. It was pure infatuation.

And Juliet ends up killing herself, anyway. :p

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I thought she was 13.

she was just shy of fourteen.

Stupid teen. You know nothing of love. Romeo and Juliet was a love STORY and a tragedy. Ugh.

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who said we were damn teens?

Romeo and Juliet weren't in love. He was on the rebound from being turned down by Rosaline and became infatuated by her. Typical fickle teenage boy.
Plus, the times were a lot different back then. It was normal to get married around then because middle-aged was around 30 or 40. Now it is not.

whatever, big deal huh?

Juliet was also fiction.

it was an opnion damnit. get over it.

@koolkids it was an opnion damnit. get over it.

We're just point out your flawed logic here.

okay i get it, flawed logic woohoo! mistake.

im assuming you dont believe in love and first sight.

@koolkids im assuming you dont believe in love and first sight.

I don't. You can be infatuated by someone or attracted to someone at first sight, but to truly fall in love that takes time to get to know each other.

so no love?

@koolkids so no love?

No I'm not saying no love, quite the opposite. I'm saying that love takes time.

works for me

Many girls were married and had kids right after puberty started because people didn't live as long as they do today. They lived about to their forties.

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