Canada won the men's hockey gold, but the U.S. had the most overall medals, amirite?

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you forgot to mention the fact that Canada also had the most gold medals overal, the population of the U.S is more than 9 times Canada's population and in addition, Canadians have much less funding for their athletes than the U.S. So before you go about gloating, get your facts right and maybe next time you won't be as cocky. :)

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious. :D> <---It has a goatee!

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haha i wish i was that cool

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Silly Americans, always trying to make themselves look good after a huge loss.

Hockey belongs to canadians, GTFO

There is no point posting facts, you sad fool.

Most of the American medals were silver and bronze though, whereas we had twice as many golds as silvers.

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