it sucks when adults thinks they know so much more than you, amirite?

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Hahaha. Sorry, but in most cases, they just do.

It's okay, though, when I was a teenager I felt the same way.

One of my old teacheres told me something I'll never forget,"When you are in an argument with an adult, you will never win, even if you are right." So far I haven't been able to prove him wrong.

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@mally_j ?

lol ok sorry guess not. . .

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@mally_j haha ;)

? IS this mally vu?? i only ask again bc of the winky face. . .

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@mally vu?

where did you see mally vu?

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@where did you see mally vu?

do YOU know mally vu too?

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anon do YOU know mally vu, too!?!?!?

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