it sucks when your older siblings determine how you're treated by your parents, amirite?

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I'm an oldest, but I hate watching the way my parents treat my little brother because of the bad choices I made as a teenager. He's a good kid, but he doesn't get the chance to prove it, because they just assume he'll be like me.

On behalf of older siblings everywhere, I sincerely apologize. I hope you realize it's the parents doing that, not us.

Thank you haha. My sister used to be able to do everything she wanted, but she made bad choices and I really think I should be able to do more.

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once, i sat down to watch tv while my mother was in the same room as I. Then my older brother walked in and said it was his turn to watch tv and when i told him i had just sat down, he looked at my mother who said "Let your brother watch tv you have been watching all day". arrghh!!

For me, its that my sister was this perfect child who got straight A's and did nothing wrong, and im not exactly perfect so my parents are always like why cant you be more like her? sorry i want to live my own life.

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