To all the "Chinese" food lovers out there: What you think is Chinese food was actually created in America, and people in China have no idea what it is. If you were to eat real Chinese food, you would probably say it was gross and weird. So you can say you absolutely love Chinese food, but you might want to know what you're talking about. amirite?

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I only see Chinese people with accents at those restaurants that serve Chinese food. They don't know what they're doing when making their own food?

I've seen white people work at them too, but they only either bus tables or are hosts/hostesses.

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It's Chinese-American cuisine, same as "Italian" food isn't necessarily Italian, and so on. Immigrants from countries have come to the US for centuries and brought recipes from their home countries with them, and wound up using those recipes to start a new life in a new country. They often added or took away ingredients for their new customers, and added new recipes. Chinese food as we know it today came mostly from California, where the majority of Chinese immigrants lived. So what we know today is a mix of authentic Chinese cuisine and American dishes, but it is still nonetheless Chinese, because it is still a largely Asian-American run business, and it's Chinese immigrants who started the business in the first place.

Thank you History Channel.

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Look at all the white people clicking No Way.

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@Look at all the white people clicking No Way.

I clicked No Way, and I'm not white...

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So instead we should be saying "I love fake American-made Chinese food" when expressing our like for it?

That would be annoying, not to mention unnecessary. Of course the food made in China is much different than in America. They're two different countries. Different types of food taste different in different places.

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My best friends dad is Chinese and he makes real Chinese food sometimes(one type has like this bamboo stuff in it). It's really good. Sometimes you can get real Chinese food at restaurants, usually only in big cities and you have to do your research on the place. But most places aren't real Chinese food.

As a former China resident, I can say I adore Chinese food. Granted I haven't really tried dishes that seem TOO different and pretty much all I've had is wontons, dumplings, rice, noodles, chicken and seafood--but those were amazing and couldn't even be compared to American-Chinese food. I still like both though. :)

It's kind of a given in America that when you say "I love chinese food" that you're talking about the China Express or whatever down the road

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You just gotta go to the right places. A good sign is that they're still taking English lessons :)

What am I gonna call it them? If not Chinese food.

so true, i live in shanghai, and i get homesick for stuff like pick up stix.

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I don't even see chinese people working at my local chinese food place. They're all of latin descent or black.

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Same with Mexican food. It's not Mexican in America it's American

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That's funny, I could have sworn, the chinese cooked dumplings, stir-fry, rice, Wontons and ginger beef- WOW! those are all on the menu of the local chinese food restaraunt!

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I'm not Chinese, but I totally agree.

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True, but it doesn't take away from the fact that Americanized Chinese food is delicious.

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You can say the same thing about Chinese people in China 'liking' American food. Did you know that in China, McDonalds makes Chicken Tofu Sandwiches and fried dumplings?

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Haha... look at the bitter op posting anonymously on their own post, and being racist to boot.

I know the difference between authentic Chinese food, and the Americanized kind. I like both. It's hard to make your case when it's often Chinese people who sell that "fake" Chinese food and call it that; maybe that's who you should be annoyed with. Us ignorant white people only know what you sneaky Chinese tell us. Maybe it's a conspiracy to keep us from knowing your real food preferences.

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