If a Krusty Krab chain restaraunt opened all over America, serving Krabby Patties and had the same layout of the one on Spongebob and everything, it would make MILLIONS of dollars and MILLIONS of people happy, amirite?

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i hope the cashier isn't a meenie :(

I wonder where they'll keep the secret formula... I mean, will they make multiple copies and send them to each restaurant or just make one copy that the people who are making the patties have to memorize after one look... :P

OOOOH, and more importnantly, who will be the human version of Plankton?!?!? :D


the one in the show is across from the chum bucket lol


And MILLIONS of people fat.

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@And MILLIONS of people fat.

too late, mcdonalds already did that

Now I really wish they did that! Except it wouldn't be on like a nice road or anything like in the show, it would be in crowded polluted city next to Taco Bell, KFC and a tire store.

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They'd probably put McDonald's out of business. Wouldn't it be awesome if the Krusty Krab gave away Spongebob toys?

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They would put 'in n out' out of business ;)

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At least I'm not the only person to think of that idea (:

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But what are in Krabby Patties

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