You secretly love twilight hate harry potter love Justin Bieber love kidz bop, prefer MLIA over this website, amirite?

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Okay these posts are really getting dumb. You're just trying to get like a thousand negative votes so stfu and go play in traffic

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Bad troll post is bad

Love mlia but hate twilight justin and kidz bop

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actually....I LOVE Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson...and MLIA...I wish they could see that, sure, Harry Potter is a whole lot more cool in a way, but Twilight is cool too.It's sort of fantasy, and it's romance. So, I like it....I love fantasy, fantasy fiction, and I guess I like romance, because I'm sortof a fangirl. So, I wish people would quit fighting over which is better, they are both cool, in different ways.Seriously, SILENCIO!

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