This is a good name and idea for a website: "Got a Bill Due? Let the Crowd Pay it. Idea: 1) People sign up and post their bill that needs to be paid 2) Users donate money to pay their bill - anything from $1 up. 3) Users don't get paid back, but they earn points or requesters can give them some benefit other then money, amirite?

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"benefit other than money" hello smilie

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hooray for voluntary socialism!

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It sounds great in theory, but really- who wants to pay other schmucks' bills when we all have our own?! I don't see it becoming a reality. Sorry. That's just my take on it.

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I think it sounds like a good idea, but where are these users going to get extra money to pay for other people's bills?

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Well, I am 'banking' on small payments by lots of people. In this way, it's just pocket change, for any one person

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Thanks for your posts, and any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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