You didn't know peeing in the shower once a day can save 584 gallons of water in a year, amirite?

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because of the flushing the toilet? i never even thought about that but it makes sense

But if you take that many showers a day then it seems like you're wasting water...unless for some reason you have to then yeah.

damn.. thats a ton of water!

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It's pretty cool too!

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If that's once a day, then how bout twice, or 3 times....that's a lot of water to save.

that is cool but kinda like weird cuz i walk in my shower but i dont walk in my toilet. guess its a sacrifice we will have to make for our earth


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it would save on toilet paper, too, if you were a girl...

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i never knew how much water it actually saved, but ive always peed in the shower instead of in the toilet if im about to take a shower... it only made sense that it saved waterr (:

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