Girls: you hate it when long, volumous eyelashes are wasted on guys, amirite?

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I'm about to say something that may shock you: I am a female who does not give a crap about her eyelashes.

No I really dont give a shit what my eyelashes look like.

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Haha, this reminds me of one time before band practice we put mascara on one of the saxophone guys(they're like the hottest section too...), since he has the best eyelashes ever.

@mchalla3 were they like... suuuuppppeeerrr long?

Haha, yeah. The colorguard girls were all talking to him about how long they are, then we suggested we put makeup on him. He agreed, but only with mascara :P

I've never understood the female obsession with eyelashes... or any other makeup for that matter...

Wasted? Psh, it's not wasted. Guys with long eyelashes often look ten times more attractive, especially when they have light eyes. But maybe that's just me.

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So does mine. I want to put mascara on him more than anything.

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lawl eye hair sounds disgusting... XD

It's not wasted at all. I love long eyelashes on guys. <333

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'Long, volumous' lashes just remind me of spiders or something equally creepy...

Yep! Hate it with all my soul

Thanks for bein polite about it, I think girls just notice it more than guys.


airgo- my italian brother.

Montanas avatar Montana Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yes! :(

But they're sooo adorable.

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Yea. I got dark hair and long lashes.

no offense but it is your eye lashes it barely takes any space on your body so the only time we will notice if you don't have any

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