Just because I'm 10, that doesn't mean I don't love my boyfriend, amirite?

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Doesn't the Internet require you to be 13 to participate in websites?

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I don't think you know what you are talking about.

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The real question is why are you even attracted to guys yet?

Rockys avatar Rocky No Way 0Reply

Google COPPA, I'm not sure of all the details about it.

Maxs avatar Max No Way 0Reply

wow.... You need to get a life.... Sorry but it's true. All you and your 'bf' probably do is hang out at recess.

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When I was 10, my only love was Arthur.

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It depends on what kind of love. The love you feel for your neighbor, or a friend? Like the love Christ commanded everyone to have? Sure! But a deep romantic love? No, I don't think so, but it's not you. It's just that your mind and spirit need time to develop.

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when i was ten, boys had cooties ;D

when i was ten i was afraid of my boyfriend lol i didnt know what it meant

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gosh your taking it fast arent ya

You're still a little kid!

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