My friends are twelve year olds, they hate Disney and are act okay when they fail in school, they find it odd I have never been on a date or had a crush and hate lion King. They need therapy and a brain. amirite?

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Disney = Hannah Montana/High School Musical or Disney = classics?

Aaaaa tubetinia ola bishe baba henay hena. Lion king! :)

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How are these people your friends :O

@LeoEckman How are these people your friends :O

They are insane. Lion King and Alladin are the best Disney movies ever. They prefer Ke$ha and celebritys who talk about s**@319821
(lucius_malloys_boy): None, they say that they are too mature for those movies and tv series.
@319841 (LeoEckman): Thats just my friends, unless I want to be friends with alcoholics and smokers. they are the best I can find

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