Dogs that bark all night should be charged with animal cruelty by the SPCA, cruelty to the human animals that are trying to sleep. humans are animals because these guys with no social skills that sit in labs claim that we are from apes and apes are afterall animals!........amirite?

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We, as humans are animals regardless of whether we came from apes, fish, god, or whatever else may have you.

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Because dogs control the government, vote and learn more than a few tricks. ... Really? Do you actually think the dogs mean to disturb you?

I don't know where you live, but where I'm from dogs barking means that the terminators are coming.

And after they are charged with animal cruelty, then what do we do? Fine them 500 milkbones? Make them do 3-5 in doggy prison? Oh, I know! Take away their drooling license.

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