people think it's cool to get high and drink underage..... annoying amirite?

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I mean, it's annoying when people are like "ohemgee, i'm SO cool because I smoke and drink!" but I think it's not annoying if they do it underage. It's their choice. It's just how they go about it that bothers me. Do it if you personally enjoy it, but don't do it if you want to be a cool kidd.

I think it's stupid in every way, no matter why, when you're underage.

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i think it's dumb either way! i just can't stand people in school telling me their stories

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it's stupid if they think they're cool for doing it. but if they want to do it because they like it, more power to 'em. just don't act like you'r tough shit for doing it.

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I couldn't stand the kids in school who felt the need to talk about it constantly. Loudly.
'Hey, guys. I brought vodka to school in a water bottle'.
'And you got suspended, good for you!"

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