Its outrageous that the media is so liberal these days. They should be neutral and publish both sides without bias to influence people. They should let people form their own opinions, amirite?

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Fox News - known for being very very conservative.
MSNBC - equally known for being very very liberal.

All in favor of a neutral news station that's run by independents and non-partisans say "Aye!"

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Yeah, this is a little overblown... besides, what about Fox News? You can get all the conservative bs you could want there.

If you mean that the media is being liberal by advocating equal rights and anti-prohibition policies that make sense, then you're just a conservative trying to take a stab at liberals. Why don't you get up in arms over the fact that they're re-writing history textbooks to conform more to conservative ideals in places like TX? That's way more outrageous than anything we're seeing/hearing on TV news.

@sounds like someone is EXTREMELY liberal!

I highly doubt them rewriting history to fit their own agenda is a purely liberal concern.

@Black_No_1 Yeah, this is a little overblown... besides, what about Fox News? You can get all the conservative bs you could...

In school, almost all teachers are liberal, even here in Florida. I remember in 6th grade. My Civics teacher incorporated her own liberal opinions into lessons. Followed by a school-wide assignment that talked poorly about Trump. That's not talked about in the news either. That's another reason I support Trump. one of his things he said he'd do was make the education more patriotic. Teaching kids to love their country.

Fox is ultra conservative and MSNBC is ultra liberal. The rest are pretty much in the center. If they seem to be slightly liberal, it's probably because reality has a liberal bias.

I do think it's unfair how the media is biased and should be neutral, but I wouldn't necessarily say that it's all liberal. A lot of media has a conservative viewpoint. But the problem is that the media is produced by people who have opinions and bias just like anyone else. It always has and always will be, making it difficult to create a truly neutral media.

There is no such thing as pure objectivity.

I think people should stop being such sheep and stop believing everything they hear on the news.

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agree with the balanced part, but "liberal" media is only as liberal as the conservative corporations that own them

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I think a big but relatively unnoticed problem is the very existence of 24 hour news channels. There just isn't that much news to go around. When you have to condense a day's events into one hour or so you don't have as much time for any bias, you are more restricted to simply reporting events, as it should be.

This would obviously not remove bias completely, one could argue that this is not even possible, but I think it would definitely help.

I agree with the second half, but most media is NOT liberal....

"these days"? News has been like this since the beginning of time, there will always be a bias or underlying motive behind the broadcast.

I totally agree it should be unbiased, but it seems more Conservative to me (Fox News)...

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Where do you think they get their funding? If their sponsors are biased, then there's nothing the news station can do about it. Feel free to donate millions to a station on a regular basis if you want them to be neutral.

most media is conservative. Fox News #1.

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@sestrada16 most media is conservative. Fox News #1.

"Most" media is conservative? And yet you can only name one example?

You seem to be forgetting that MSNBC, NBC, CNN, and The Daily Show are all liberal, which points to the fact that popular media leans to the left more so than to the right. Next time, I reccomend you get your facts straight before making hasty generalizations.

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what the media says should not bother you. freedom of speech and the press!

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I agree that the media should be unbiased, but I don't they're very liberal... Then again, I live in Ireland... :P (I'm assuming you're talking about American media)

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Media isn't liberal. If you read Chomsky or any of the other studies on the subject you will find that the vast majority of media has conservative bias. Especially since most of it's run my Murdoch

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I wouldn't say "outrageous"

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Just recently, on Fox, when a conservative started talking about George Soros he was cut off. So, even Fox News is getting roped in.

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