Your heart breaks into a thousand pieces when you see your father cry. amirite?

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Well ive never seen him cry, even when his father, my grandfather, died, but it would probably be heartbreaking if I did.

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You just had to remind me T__T

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It's heartbreaking to see my mom cry. Not if/when my dad does.

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@It's heartbreaking to see my mom cry. Not if/when my dad does.

My mom cries like 5 times every day so I am desensitized towards her.
But I suppose my reaction to her would differ too based on what she is crying about.

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Maybe if he didn't cry like once a week.......

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the same reason it is sad seeing fish eating fish it is something you don't see so i guess you just get all emotional and stuff but i don't probaly because i am guy, oh wait........

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Pshh no if I see my dad cry I will be like "ha bitch that what you get for being such an ass"

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