We spend so much time trying to be attractive, but if you're not beautiful on the inside you're not beautiful on the outisde. Amirite?

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nobody cares about a diamond ring if it is inside a piece of shit. look good, and people will care to know you're good

Maybe, if you're shallow.

@ChaChing Maybe, if you're shallow.

its been proven by science that people like attractive people better

It's been proven by science that if you familiarize yourself with someone's true personality and they turn out to be beautiful on the inside their outside appearance means next to nothing. You don't look at your bestfriend who might seem unattractive to others and think that they're unattractive.

I believe what you're like on the inside matters more but that doesn't stop me from finding somebody attractive on the outside without knowing if they're a nice person or not. I've found myself thinking somebody looks attractive in magazines, on TV etc without needing to find them in real-life and have an in-depth conversation with them first. But I will say that over time (especially in a relationship) what somebody looks like on the outside matters less and less and what they're like on the inside matters more and more.

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