When have you went to a club and asked someone how old they were before dancing with them..never..so why is everyone making a big deal because miley danced with an older guy..little kids wouldn't have seen the video if they wouldn't have video taped her..she's a teen she just wants to have fun just like every one else.. amirite?

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So is it also okay for an adult to have sex with a teenager just because the teenager is stupid and doesn't realize that what he/she is doing is a mistake?

@Berryspaghetti no but they didn't have sex they just danced

How do you actually know that? It's not like the paparazzi are just gonna pop up in her bedroom and be like, "OHHH! Caught you having sex!"
Plus, she has/had a boyfriend who was older than her, and don't tell me that it's an impossibility that she had sex with him.
I also wasn't saying that Miley had sex with this guy, I'm was saying that adults do take advantage of teenagers sometimes, and dancing or any other form of contact like that can lead to something more inappropriate.

Okai then my point exact we don't no they had sex so why are you even bringing that up..people dance like this all the time now an you don't see everyone else video tapin otha people tlkin mess but because she is famous people want to talk mess about her..and about her boyfriend that's her life why do you care if she having sex w/ him or not people need to learn to keep to stay out of peoples life..

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