I don't know what those things are in the groupon ad on this page, but they look like pretty patties from Spongebob and i want them, amirite?

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its a fake deal made buy the company, and the food items are called macaroons.

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i always wanted to know what those thigns were

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this is so weird, i always wanted to know what they were and i was actually going to post an amirite post similar to this! but then i googled it and found this!

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haha yea, i think they're colored whoopie pies or something

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They look like those marshmellow moon pies just with different colors. But really what the heck are they? Are they edible? Hummmm.

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LOL. Ironically enough, this site has two of that Groupon ad.

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dammit! i never even searched that before i posted it because i figured there was no way in hell that post could be a repeat. fail. -_-

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