Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob...Lets start hearing Team Green Day Team Billie Joe Team Linkin Park Team Blink 182 Team Rise Against anything EXCEPT Team Twilight because we hate Twilight and sick of people talkin about it. amirite?

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GreenDayPunkGirl: I love your choice in music
RiddlesAreHard: stop being such a hard ass on her. does it really matter?

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i bet the twilight fans are crying about this post they should watch real movies freakin idiots

You fool, it's blink-182.

@GreenDayPunkGirl wow i forgot the "-" mark

And you capatalized blink, also thats basically like missing a letter in a band, so instead of Green Day, it's Reen Day.

Team Dirnt, I go for :)

Alices avatar Alice Yeah You Are 0Reply

Team Billie Joe.

Go team Tre! I don't know how to make that weird E dashy thing.

All those bands suck.

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