Girls, why do you have to put 874849 pounds of makeup? You're just hiding yourself. I mean be happy the way you are, other people have it worse, amirite?

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Why else do girls wear makeup then?

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And I hate that guys say they'd rather you be "naturally pretty" without makeup. It's like, if I could make myself look naturally gorgeous without ever wearing makeup, don't you think I would?

@LittleRed And I hate that guys say they'd rather you be "naturally pretty" without makeup. It's like, if I could make myself...

Yeah and the girls that have all that makeup on and the teased out hair, fake boobs, fake tan etc. are the ones that guys flock to. Maybe if they actually showed they were attracted to girls who are "naturally pretty" we wouldn't put all of it on

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having 874848 lbs of make-up is gross but having 874849 lbs is just plain ridiculous!

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why is it that when someone posts a post, there is always those people who has to state that they are the expection to the post's statement? Not offensive, just curious

haha i know just the eyeliner is a pain. it seems like when u rub ur eye it smears all easy but when u actually try to take it off later, its like hell haha

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The only make up I wear is stuff for my eyes. I wear glasses, so I wear make up to make it so people can actually see them. My favorite thing about my face is my eyes, so I want people to be able to see them

I like how I look with makeup. Is that such a crime? What is wrong with one wanting to look prettier?

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Sigh... It's really annoying how every post about girls involves how hated sluts are, how they shouldn't wear makeup and complaining about their periods.

I hardly ever wear makeup. Truly, I hate it. I like what I look like w/o makeup and I when I wear makeup I feel like Im hiding and I feel kinda bad.
There are so many girls in my school where you can actually See the outlin of their makeup. I tell all my friends makeup is a mask.

Not all girls, tyvm.

i dont hate it but i dont care about it lol

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I don't mind girls with make-up but it shouldn't be too much, then they just get uglier

Me too. Actually, I dont put it on. My friends are always like "OMG CAN I DO YOUR MAKEUP?!" im like suuree haha

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I don't like make up and I am a girl. Most will claim they don't have the convidence and natural beauty so they don't wear it but most look the same with out it

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